Friday, November 09, 2012

British for Sharp Practice

Colonel Sharp as a young lad...

I realise that I have not put up too many pictures of nicely painted toys on this blog. To make up for this, here is a batch of 28mm British Napoleonic infantry from the Peninsular War that I recently finished (a light company of the 87th Prince of Wales Own Irish to be precise).

These toys are for a Sharp Practice game the club will be holding on Sunday. I used the smartphone on indoor settings for these shots and seem to have ended up with the warm evening light of Spain. An unintended effect, but it looks nice anyway.

 Here's the whole group together on normal light settings. The figures are from Victrix, which are very nice, but a pain to assemble, and even more frustrating when the bayonets break off (which they often do).

Here are a few more figures which are in the final stages  of completion.

If I go for more figures for these rules, then they will be in metal, as time spent on painting is the true cost and far outweighs any savings on Victrix plastics. If only they would use sturdier plastic...

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