Friday, November 09, 2012

Krakow-Niepolomice Historical Show 2012

So the annual trek of the Prague club up to visit our chums in Poland went off smoothly again. We brought a Sharp Practice display game with us, including loads of lovely 28mm figures and terrain, plus about 8 club members, all packed into two cars. (Above you can see our Polish friend and fellow wargamer Kris, in the courtyard of the castle where the event was held)

The rules of course are fun to play, very popular and with the added advantage that they are great for display games.

 In this scenario written by our club member Jakub, it's 1813, somewhere in Germany, and we have the French trying to cross the table to exit at the other side as their main objective. The objective of the mixed force of Austrians and Bavarians is to stop them, with a Small Austrian blocking force of Landwehr and regulars being steadily joined by Bavarian reinforcements. A sort of miniature battle of Hanau, only in this instance the French ended up getting a bit of a trashing through a mixture of bad dice and worse tactics (I of course was one of the French commanders...).

 It seems to have been a big hit with the locals, many writing down the name of the rules to go off and purchase them (note for the Lardies, we can accept a commission fee ;-)  )

We also managed to stop off at the Army Museum in Krakow which has a great display of both original Renaissance, as well as Napoleonic, armour, uniforms and equipment. Really quite excellent.

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