Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dux Bellorum - Early Saxons

So as one of my new year resolutions I got the ball rolling with my Early Saxons. These fine chaps are intended to be part of a Dark Age army that I’m building for use with the new Dux Bellorum rules. 

I’ll base them to be compatible with Impetus as well. It’s not my intention to play Impetus, it’s just I like the effect of the large bases which give a better visual representation of a formed body. I was of course influenced by the lovely units that you can see over on the Saxon Dog blog.

Now these are all from the Gripping Beast range, and are just excellent: very animated and natural looking, with good features and crisp detail. They paint up well, and the well-cast surfaces are easy on the brushes
The casualties and killers set is particularly gory; I think a bit of artistic license was at play here, though they will certainly “liven up” any unit of charging warriors…

This is also my first attempt at more professional figures photos. As you can see I still have some way to go to get the lighting and exposure right, though I think they convey the quality of the figures.

 Once completed the army should consist of 5 bases of ordinary warriors, 2 bases of noble warrior, 1 base of companions and 2 bases of skirmishers with Bows. That’s about 100 figures to paint up, so I’m a third of the way through (2 bases of warriors and 2 of bows almost finished, and 1 base of nobles primed for painting).

Hopefully I’ll have enough figures for a small trial game down at the club in Prague in the next two weeks, and of course more photos to follow.


  1. these Saxons are looking very good Wilde Goose, I am trying to finish my own projects including a Saxon army for Dux Bellorum. I saw your title and loved the pictures. will be keen to see some battle reports.

  2. Thanks for kind words. Well about 3 large bases of warriors and one of nobles completed, along with 2 bases of bowmen (so half way to a 32 point army). Just have to texture and paint the bases and I'll put some photos up. 28mm really is a great scale for these rules. First battle reports to follow soon. Regards, Mark.