Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A little Xmas present to myself

Now just having survived two Christmas days with kids and in-laws (though they are very nice people), it's great to sit back, glass of wine and cheese and crackers to hand. Of course Christmas is really focused on the children, young and old, so as a treat I ordered the 28mm Roman Watchtower from 4Ground (along with some Roman carts). This arrived 2 days ago and was opened today, and a lovely piece of kit it is too.
It comes pre-painted and laser cut into smooth hardboard. As you can see from the various pictures the detail is perfect; really a pleasant surprise. This will be part of the growing Dux Britanniarum campaign at the club, specifically for one of the main raiding scenarios for the Saxons.
Above you can see details of the roof, exterior walls and flooring. The roof now seems to come in a terracotta red, rather than the slate grey advertised. It still looks great though.
Above doors and first floor walls. Below the balcony flooring and trellis guard rails.
This will be thrown together in the coming days in between some frantic Analogue Hobbies Challenge painting. I'll post up more shots soon on the construction of this lovely model, and see if the instructions are any use (thoughts of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" spring to mind...). Now back to the cheese and wine...

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