Saturday, December 07, 2013

More "ammunition" for the Painting Challenge

So the Czech Post Office has been busy this week. Various reinforcements for the painting challenge arrived during the week. I was especially pleased to get some inter-war tanks and tankettes from Warlord Games. Above you can see the Vickers  twin-turreted tank and two Carden-Lloyd tankettes (the fore-runner to the Bren Carrier).

 Also, thanks to the boys and girls at UPS (below), I received a large 17kg box of metal loveliness from my casting service. This includes nearly 1000 figures for the new Spanish packs from my South American Wars of Independence range. I'll ink up some of these and post up the pictures later on so that you can see the detail. Needless to say there will be a lot of these painted for the challenge (along with British Legion and Gran Colombians).

I also received two large packs of some new figures I've had produced. These will be launched in the coming weeks as I don't want to muddy my marketing waters with too many releases at the same time. I think it will be a range that people will find slightly unusual but I believe will like (from a fascinating conflict). Any guesses... :-)

Now I am just looking forward to getting started. I'm still painting stuff, but this is not challenge related as I have to get images from the figures range up on the website, so you'll see a few painted shots of the new figures over the next week. Roll on 15th December!


  1. I shall look forward to seeing all these figures with a lick or two of paint on them!