Thursday, December 26, 2013

Roman Limes Watchtower continued

So I really got in to the modelling groove last night once all had gone to bed, and calm descended on von Browne mansions. Carrying on into the wee hours, I managed to get through nearly all the stages of constructing the Roman Watchtower from 4GROUND Models.

As I mentioned yesterday, this pre-painted model is excellent, the quality of the parts and how they are laser cut is first rate. That said though, there are quite a lot of parts to put together. The construction is not fiddly, though with some of the longer beams and supports you have to be careful when removing them from their frames as they can easily bend or snap (e.g. in the picture above I had to re-glue one of the long beams).

There are three main sections to construct in this model: the base/cellar section, the mid tower/sleeping quarters, which also support the observation balcony, and finally the upper floor of the guard room, with a door onto the balcony, and supports for the roof. (Above and below you can see the three sections before gluing the balcony onto the mid level supports).
Above a close up of the balcony and trellis guard rail. The detailing really is superb.
Below you can see the three sections fitting together, and finally with the balcony glued on.

The final stage was to construct the roof. I found this the most awkward bit, as the piece did not really have a tight fit. It took a couple of attempts to get it right, and then physically hold in place while the glue dried sufficiently. Below you can see the finished article, and some images of the detailing inside the guard room and sleeping quarters. You can also appreciate how many joists and supports have to be glued into place.
 All that's left to do is to sand and detail the base, and then glue the entrance ladder in place.  I can't praise the model enough, and this will be a great addition to my wargaming table.

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