Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas / Vesele Vanoce 2015

Firstly I'd like to wish all who occasionally stumble across this blog a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Prague. Blogging for me has been rather slow this year due to multiple other commitments. I will use the respite of the holiday to try and throw up a few posts about a backlog of battlefields visited, figures and games. Thankfully the Christmases out here have traditionally been lower key affairs, the main family meal taking place at dinner time on Christmas Eve (usually fish and potato salad). The commercialization of the holiday has been ramping-up here over the last 10 years, but still nothing compared to the 2-3 month shopping madness you encounter in Ireland or UK.

In keeping with most of Central Europe, they do have quite nice Christmas markets in local squares, amply supplied with gallons of hot wine and pancakes. This one on Namesti Miru in Prague is just a few blocks from my apartment. No Christmas music being played there yesterday afternoon, just the chatter of friends and family over hot wine.