Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dux Bellorum: More Gripping Beast Early Saxons - WIP

So the Saxons are coming! (or nearly here if I can get over my painting mojo and finish them). All from Gripping Beast, and very nice too. I'm still thinking about how I will do banners, but will likely go with Paper banners for the Nobles and Companions, and Dracos for the Ordinary warriors/warbands. I suspect that these warbands carried nothing into battle, and just the warlord/chieftain and his household had a banner. The eye-candy Department of History will win this academic debate though, so Dracos it is...

I've set myself a deadline of next week to get them done, backed up by agreeing to field them for one game then (so they have to be done!)

Shield transfers are by LBM, and look very natural. Obviously they need a lick of Matt varnish to take the shine off, and blending in some colours from the shields edge. Otherwise very quick and easy to apply. The trick is to have a clean white undercoat on the shield.

All the figures are on 12cm x 6cm bases (Impetus standard)

Here are the next wave of figures, a few  highlights and shield transfers before completion. In total this will give me a Dux Bellorum 32 point army consisting of 1 base of Companions, 2 bases of Nobles, 5 bases of Ordinary Warriors and 2 bases of Skirmishers (bow).
As always, Gripping beast produce some wonderfully animated figures. These ones from their gruesome Early Saxon casualty set.
I'll post up more shots once the basing is complete, and then some games.

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