Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all from an unseasonably cold Prague. People normally wager if there will be a white Christmas; at the moment it's evens that it will snow on Easter Sunday (feck!). Given my Central European location I thought a German and Austro-Hungarian motif appropriate (I couldn't find a Czechoslovak Legion Easter greeting yet...)

Whilst talking about subjects German, I've just finished what I consider an excellent book by Christopher Duffy; "Through German Eyes." It examines the German view of how the British actually fought at the Somme, by some excellent research of primary sources in the German military archives (mostly intelligence reports from the interrogation of British Prisoners, and other reports). What's especially interesting is that it turns the accepted historiography of the Battle of the Somme on its head, and shows that the Germans actually felt they were extremely lucky not to have been defeated (and came close to that on a few occasions).

I will try to give a fuller review in the coming days when time allows.

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